• Teams can be a minimum of six (6) players and a maximum of eight (8) players.
  • Each team is guaranteed four (4) games.
  • Deadline for team registration is January 22 and the tournament schedule will be set and posted by January 26.


  • Each game will consist of two 15-minute runtime periods with a 3-minute pregame warm-up and 2-minute intermission.
  • Floods after every two (2) games.
  • No timeouts permitted.
  • Pucks will be supplied for warm-up.
  • Tournament schedule will be set and posted on January 26.


  • No offsides and no icing.
  • There is to be no body contact in any four divisions.
  • Center ice faceoffs to start the game and if the puck goes out of play. If the puck is intentionally shot out, a delay of game penalty will be called, and a penalty shot will be awarded.
  • All penalties will result in a penalty shot being awarded.
  • All referee decisions are final.
  • A coach will be present at all times on the bench.
  • Dressing room supervision is mandatory. Teams are responsible for ensuring the dressing room is adequately cleaned after use.


The penalty shooter starts from center ice, penalized team is allowed one trailer to start from the far blueline. Trailer must start on one knee. Trailer will not interfere with progress of penalty shooter including banging of the sticks or any verbal distraction. The purpose of the trailer is to retrieve the puck on a save and have a quick turnaround and create offense. If shot results in a goal, see Goals. If a shot results in a save, see Saves. Otherwise the shooter must retreat to the ringette line and the play continues.


  • After each goal, the attacking team must clear the center ice redline prior to attacking again in the offensive zone. Once all team members have cleared, you can then re-attack into the offensive zone (delayed offside rule).
  • The team, which was scored upon, will play the puck immediately.


  • After every save, the attacking team will retreat to the ringette line and the goalie can play the puck to one of his teammates.
  • Referee will blow the play dead on a goal or save.


  • All games during the round robin that end in a tie will remain a tie
    (Win = 2 pts; Tie = 1pt).

The following format will be used to determine what teams advance if teams are tied after the round robin and to determine placement:

1st – Most wins

2nd – Winner of head to head

3rd – Goals For/Against (i.e. Win 7-5; +2). Maximum of +7 per game

4th – Fewest goals against

5th – Most goals for

6th – Coin toss


  • Semi-Finals and Finals will play a 5-minute sudden death period.
  • If there is still no decision after the 5-minute sudden death period,
  • a shootout will occur.
  • The first 5 shooters from each team MUST be different players.
  • After the the first 5 shooters, the coach can choose any player.